PALF's Vision

PALF was founded in 2012 with $15 million of initial Pearson capital. Based on our track record, in January 2015 we announced Pearson will invest a further $50 million over the next 3 years. This is a testament to Pearson’s commitment to educate children in the developing world and brings our total assets under management to $65m.

Our vision is to help millions of children in the world access a quality education in a cost effective, profitable and scalable manner. In addition we want to demonstrate to governments and donors that private education can help to educate their youngest citizens in an efficient way.

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About Pearson

Pearson is the world’s leading education company, operating in more than 70 countries and providing educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services to teachers and students of all ages. Through its products and partnerships, Pearson aims to make a difference in people's lives through learning.

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Our Ethics Code

Education reform requires a sense of urgency. We cannot sit idly as children continue to suffer from poor education in the hopes that economic forces or the status quo will eventually improve their situation.

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Our Impact

Since 2012, PALF has invested in and manages ten companies, serving over 125,000 children in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, India and the Philippines. Read more about what impact we've had.


Our work has been praised by the UK's Department for International Development's Permanent Secretary who said: “We are excited about PALF's participation in the LCPS market. We’d like to work with you, particularly in Nigeria” 

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Our Investment Strategy

PALF was created with the fundamental belief that every learner deserves access to a quality education and that innovation and private providers are critical components to achieving that goal. We back world-class entrepreneurs that are committed to market-based approaches to high-quality, affordable education.

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Our Team

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Mark Chernis

Managing Director

T.T Nguyen Duc

Investment Director

Owen Henkel

Director of Efficacy

John Callovi

Senior Investment Associate