Avanti Learning Centres

  • Blended Learning after-school exam preparation centres
  • High quality science education company with 600 students in 9 learning centres and 4 schools across India
  • The company boasts an impressive track record to date, with students at their centres consistently outperforming those in traditional, high-end classroom coaching programs.
  • 80% of students show a erformance improvement of >20%
  • At over 300 mentors, the Avanti college student volunteer network is one of India’s largest
  • >40% of Avanti’s student place in the top 1% in college entrance exams
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Avanti Learning Centers provide low-income high-school students a world-class science and mathematics education. Each year bright, motivated high-school students are selected for a 2-year program at Avanti’s learning centres. These centres employ a blended learning model that uses recorded videos and online testing coupled with high-impact tutoring. Teachers give students the individualized attention they need to succeed at India’s highly competitive college entrance exams.


Students spend up to 20 hours a week at a centre and are charged only $20 per month. In 2014 they tested over 10,000 students to fill 300 spots in their program.


There is very little conventional lecturing. In its place, Avanti focus on teaching students how to learn from books and their peers – resources that are more abundant, accessible and consistent in quality. Avanti students are supported by the largest student volunteer organization in India - over 300 student volunteers at India’s top schools. These mentors support and guide students as they prepare for college. Students and mentors form close bonds over the course of the two-year Avanti program and students report that it’s one of their favorite aspects of the Avanti experience.


Avanti was initially founded as a non-profit in March 2010 by Akshay Saxena and Krishna Ramkumar. They now run stand-alone and in-school centres in Mumbai, Delhi and across India and are bringing public school systems, policy makers and the private sector together to drive systemic change through India’s educational system.


Students at Avanti’s centres have consistently outperformed students in traditional high-end classroom coaching programs. The centres produce significant learning outcome improvements, with 80 per cent of students showing a 20 per cent or more improvement in performance on standardised tests, and three-quarters of enrolled students measured as being on track for admission to a top college.

Founder Bios

Akshay Saxena

Akshay Saxena

Co-Founder and President

Akshay currently serves as the President of Avanti. For his work at Avanti, he was awarded the Draper Richards Kaplan Fellowship and Echoing Green Fellowship in 2012. Before Avanti, Akshay served on the founding team of HeartFlow, a venture-backed medical diagnostics company. His prior work experience includes management consulting with the Boston Consulting Group in India, project implementation with the United Nations World Food Programme and fundraising and strategy at The International Save the Children Alliance. Akshay graduated from IIT Bombay in 2006 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and is on a leave of absence from the MBA program at the Harvard Business School.

Krishna Ramkumar

Krishna Ramkumar

Co-Founder and CEO

Krishna currently leads Avanti’s operations as CEO. For his work at Avanti, he was awarded the Echoing Green Fellowship in 2012. Before Avanti, Krishna was a Senior Associate with the Boston Consulting Group in Mumbai. Krishna graduated from IIT Bombay in 2008 with a degree in Chemistry. At IIT, Krishna was the head of the Institute Student Mentor Program and editor of InsIghT, the student newspaper. He was also awarded the Shankar Dayal Sharma gold medal for overall academic and extra-curricular achievement at IIT Bombay.

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