omega schools
  • Growth from 10 schools in 2011 to a chain of 38 affordable schools today
  • Serving around 20,000 students across Ghana
  • Pioneering the Pay As You Learn daily fee. With a cashless payment system
  • Tablet enabled data and student information systems
Omega School Building

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Recognising that they operate in a ‘sachet economy’ where Ghanaian parents make daily sacrifices to send their children to school, Omega have built a chain of low cost private schools which do not take these sacrifices for granted. They’ve designed a specialized curriculum, assessment, technology and management processes that deliver high quality education very affordably.


An important innovation pioneered by Omega Schools has been the introduction of the daily fee which caters for the many parents that cannot afford to pay monthly or termly fees. Omega thrive on the daily vote of confidence of their parents. The fee covers tuition costs, uniform, books, transport, de-worming programmes and a hot meal. Each child also receives fifteen free school days a year and an insurance policy which guarantees that every child will complete their schooling even in the event of the death of a parent. 

Omega have redesigned the school curriculum and created lesson plans and workbooks for all their schools as well as teacher training and mentoring. Their operating model combines the experience and expertise of a critical number of education specialists with trained, passionate and energetic high school graduates, to deliver quality teaching and learning.

Omega is benefiting the poor and empowering aspirations of low income families and their communities and huge numbers of poor Ghanaians are voting with their feet. The PALF’s investment helped Omega expand from ten schools in greater Accra, serving about 6,000 students, to a full-service school chain now serving tens of thousands of students throughout the country.



Omega is chaired by Professor James Tooley, a pioneering veteran in the field of low cost, for profit education in the developing world. His book, ‘The Beautiful Tree’, was a ground-breaking analysis and perspective in the field of education in the developing world and highly praised.

Founder Bios

James Tooley

James Tooley 

Co-founder and Chairman

James is a professor of education policy at Newcastle University, where he directs the E. G. West Centre. For his ground-breaking research on private education for the poor in India, China and Africa, Professor Tooley was awarded gold prize in the first International Finance Corporation/Financial Times Private Sector Development Competition in September 2006. For two years, he was President of The Education Fund, Orient Global, living in Hyderabad, India.


Prior to joining Newcastle University, Professor Tooley previously taught and researched at the Universities of Oxford and Manchester, England; Simon Fraser University, Canada; and University of the Western Cape, South Africa. His PhD is from the Institute of Education, University of London. His first job was as a mathematics high school teacher in Zimbabwe, which he took up after graduating with a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Sussex University. His work has been featured in documentaries for the BBC and PBS: for the latter it was profiled alongside the work of Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus and Grameen Bank.


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